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    1. Product introduction of PMMA led light diffuser.
    We design and manufacture extrusion PMMA(acrylic) led light diffuser in transparent, semi-clear and milky color with smooth or satin finishing. Our PMMA led light diffusers provide the highest levels of efficiency with the greatest range of options in beam angles, haze, clarity and color performance.
    2. Product specification of PMMA led light diffuser.
    colorSingle color and double color
    finishingSmooth finishing, prismatic finishing, satin finishing
    Cross section size90mm
    Light transmittance80% to 90%
    3. Product features and application of PMMA led light diffuser.
    ● Manufactured from High Quality Acrylic
    ● Excellent transparency
    ● Good optical quality
    ● Excellent light transmittance
    ● Excellent resistance to weather, anti UV
    ● Resistance to impact and chemical corrosion
    ● Easy to clean and Anti scratch
    ● More cost effective and economical
    Applications: led lighting &illumination, decoration, POP display, optical, electronic parts etc.
    4. What’s your company extrusion capability?
    ● Rigid Profile Extrusions
    ● Flexible Profile Extrusions
    ● Dual Hardness Extrusions Using Multiple Resins in a Single Part
    ● Large and Small Shapes
    ● High and Low Volume Runs
    ● Quick Turn Runs
    ● Custom Compounding Capabilities
    5. FAQ of PMMA LED light diffuser.
    Q: PMMA led light diffuser is ok for outdoor using?
    A: Yes, PMMA LED light diffuser is ok for outdoor using because of its’ excellent UV resistant and weather resistant property.
    Q: What do you inspect for PMMA LED light diffuser?
    A: Our QC will inspection it on line with dimension, product surface, color, lighting effect, fitting etc.
    6. Latest news.
    We have developed red and yellow PMMA led light diffuser for gas station.
    7. Product pictures:
    double color co-extrusion
    PMMA led light diffuser
    Single color PMMA led
    light diffuserbuy Led Light Diffuser

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