Daily lesson plans: first year, second week


How many children had their faces washed before coming to school this morning? How many had their hair combed? Have each child tell who combed his hair, whether mother, nurse, or the child himself. Talk about the necessity of cleanliness, and why every child must come to school looking clean and tidy.


Write the name of the day of the week on the blackboard, and have the children practice writing it.


Ask each child to stand up at his seat and recite a “Mother Goose” rhyme.


Who can show me what I mean when I say, “Run.” Allow some child to run. What do I mean when I say, “Walk.” Have the word illustrated. Continue similarly with talklaughsingjumpsitstand.


Show the children a flag. What is it? What are the three colors of the flag? Have the children count the red stripes; the white stripes. What is the color of the stars?

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