How to speak English fluently in 1 week

How to speak English fluently in 1 week 1

Now you may be thinking that learning English in 1 week is impossible…but with some hard work and practice, you can.
This guide is your bible to learning how to speak and understand “basic” phrases so that you can carry out a conversation.
This guide will not make you sufficient in every area of the English language- This takesa lot of practice. But if you follow the exercises contained within this book, you will
be on your way to basic fluency!
This is a beginner’s guide, and is not meant to teach you advanced conversational techniques.

English is a beautiful language. In fact, any language you decide to learn is a beautiful one. However, learning a brand new language is not always easy. Lucky for you,
English is not considered to be the most difficult language!

Now, if you decided to learn Chinese – that would take some time.

With around 430 million people around the world speaking English – and these are only people with English as their first language – your decision to learn it is a good one! It is considered the ‘universal language’.
English was brought to Britain from Germany and Netherlands. It originated from West Germanic Language and the Anglo-Frisian dialect. It has gone through various phases of evolution. There are huge difference between Old English, Middle English and Modern English. Middle English came about after the invasion of the German and the Norman’s.

The language you are about to learn has a lot of German, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Hindi, French and Old Norse, just to name a few. It is a mix of languages. A huge number of words have originated from Greek and Latin.
This eBook is based on the assumption that you are an intermediate learner and can read English. You are here because you have been trying to learn the language but cannot speak it well, or understand English speakers properly. I shall explain the fundamental principles governing the language and point out common mistake that you should avoid.
The end of each chapter will have an action you shall perform.
Learning English involves listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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