How to write cursive a

This explanatory article is based on an app called Cursive abc

The principle of the software is simple: it is for the child to trace with his index the letters of the alphabet by following dotted lines, with a starting point and a direction indicated by arrows.

how to write cursive a

Its great originality is as follows: the authors have distinguished the variants of the “glyph” according to the country. It shows the letters as they are learned in France, England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Wikipedia: “A glyph is a graphical representation (among a possible infinity) of a typographic sign, in other words a character (glyph of character) or an accent (glyph of accent). “

… and the differences are enormous!

Tell me how you write,
I’ll tell you what country you come from …

Let’s look at the “a” path:

Here is the “a” à la française
Notice the “little tail” that precedes it, the circle that forms it and the “cane” that ends it.

Frankly, when YOU write, in the “real life”, not on the board, do you do the “a” like that?
…Not me anyway.

Here, I take a sheet of paper, a pen, and I write quickly and without thinking.

I do not pretend to have a beautiful writing, simply I observe my line and I find it logical, because fluid, smoothly, without breaking. Effective.

As for the “little tail”, it simply does not have any reason to be. For example, when you write the word “daddy,” there is no tail, but the letter “p” and the letter “a” are next to each other.

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The Belgium way of writing cursive a

Let’s move on to the Belgian way:
Personally, I find that much better. The little tail has disappeared, the plot is logical and fluid.

cursive a

The swiss way

And among Swiss?
Oh, not bad either!
Compare the complication of writing the French “a” beside! It’s day and night.

cursive a

P.S I do not know if these national “glyphs” are official or not, moreover I would like to know it.

PS. I do not carry a value judgment. I just think that a reflection is necessary.

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