Giving opinion And Asking For Opinion

Giving opinion in English is not really a difficult thing to do. You can use many simple phrases and expressions to do so. Therefore, mastering this function is a priority which every learner of English needs to consider. In this post, you will be given all the ways people use to express their opinions in English.

Giving or Expressing Opinion

To give your opinion, use the following expressions:

  • I think that_______________
  • I believe that_____________
  • In my point of view_________________
  • I guess_______________________
  • As far as I’m concerned_________________
  • It seems to me that_____________________
  • For me____________________
  • In my opinion___________________
  • As I see it____________________
  • In my view___________________
  • If you ask me I would say__________________
  • To my mind_______________________


John: In your opinion teacher, what is the best way to learn English?

Teacher: I think that the best way to learn English is to watch English films. To my mind, listening to music and chatting in English are good ways to learn the English language.

Asking for Opinion

If you are in a situation where you want to ask for someone’s opinion, you can use the following questions to ask for their opinions.

  • What do you think about_________?
  • What’s your point of view about_____________?
  • Can you give me your opinion about________________?
  • How does it seem to you______________?

Expressing Agreements:

Some opinions seem to be very true and right for us, therefore, we want to agree with them. In the following, you are provided with expressions which are used to express agreements in English.

  • That’s right/True
  • I agree entirely
  • I agree with you
  • You are right
  • Well, I think you are right
  • I couldn’t agree more
  • You are absolutely right
  • That’s a good point
  • I share the same view
  • That’s exactly what I was thinking
  • That’s quite true
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Expressing disagreements

Some opinions sound wrong for us, and hence we want to express our disagreement with the people who express such opinions:

  • I disagree with you
  • I don’t agree with you
  • I’m not sure I quite agree with you
  • That’s wrong
  • You’re wrong
  • Sorry to say this, but you’re wrong
  • That’s not true
  • I don’t share the same point of view
Giving opinion And Asking For Opinion 1
  • Some dialogues about giving opinion

Dialogue 1

Teacher 1: What’s your opinion about using technology in the classroom?

Teacher 2: I believe that technology is time-saving, and makes students more attracted to the lessons. How about you?

Teacher 1: I disagree with you because it’s not reliable and can break down at any time.

Dialogue 2

Anna: What do you think about aesthetic plastic surgery?

Katy: In my point of view, it is quite dangerous for people who do it. What about you?

Anna: I totally agree with you, it can fail and it can even lead to death.

Exercises about giving opinion

Complete the following dialogues as indicated

  1. John: In your opinion teacher, what is the best way to learn English?

Teacher: ………………………………………………………… (Give your opinion)

  • Katy: ………………………………………………………………..? (Ask for opinion)

James: As far as I’m concerned, the best place I have visited is London.

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